SPOON LEAF BIRD OF PARADISE or Strelitzia Parvifolia

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The Spoon Leaf Bird of Paradise, also known as Strelitzia parvifolia or sometimes Strelitzia reginae var. parvifolia, is a captivating and compact member of the Bird of Paradise family. Here’s a breakdown of its key characteristics:


  • Leaves: The defining feature. Unlike its larger relative, Strelitzia reginae, the Spoon Leaf Bird of Paradise has smaller, spoon-shaped leaves. These leaves are a bluish-grey or green color and grow on long, slender stalks.
  • Flowers: Similar to other Bird of Paradise varieties, it produces stunning orange and blue bird-like flowers. These typically emerge from late spring to fall on tall, reed-like stems that rise above the foliage.
  • Size: This is a relatively small plant compared to the classic Bird of Paradise. It typically reaches heights of 1.5 meters (5 feet), making it suitable for smaller spaces or containers.


  • Light: Prefers full sun but can tolerate some partial shade.
  • Watering: Needs moderate watering. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings, and avoid overwatering.
  • Soil: Thrives in well-draining, fertile soil. A potting mix for cacti or succulents can be a good option.
  • Temperature: Prefers warm temperatures between 18-27°C (64-80°F). Protect it from frost and extreme cold.


  • Low-maintenance: Relatively easy to care for compared to some flowering plants.
  • Compact size: Ideal for patios, balconies, or smaller gardens.
  • Unique foliage: The spoon-shaped leaves add a touch of exotic elegance.
  • Bird-attracting flowers: May attract hummingbirds or other pollinators.


  • Slower growth: May take longer to reach mature size compared to other Bird of Paradise varieties.
  • Less dramatic flowers: Flowers are generally smaller than those of Strelitzia reginae.


The Spoon Leaf Bird of Paradise is a beautiful and low-maintenance addition to any collection. Its compact size, unique foliage, and striking flowers make it a conversation starter. While the flowers might be less dramatic than its larger counterpart, it offers a charming alternative for those with limited space.

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How to Care :

  • Make sure your plants are getting enough water and sunlight.
  • Recommended Soil Media: 40% Garden Soil 25% cocopeat 25% Organic manure/Vermicompost 5% charcoal chips 5% perlite.
  • Fertilize your plants once a month.
  • Avoid over-watering your plants.
  • Cut off any dead or diseased Leaves.
  • Make Sure Pots Have Drainage Holes.
  • Don’t Repot Immediately after received wait for at least 2-3 Days.


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