Philodendron Summer Glory

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The Philodendron ‘Summer Glory’ is a hybrid plant that is a cross between the Philodendron Gloriosum and the Philodendron McColley’s Finale. 

It is a rare hybrid that has heart-shaped leaves that start out red and turn green as they mature.

The new leaves are reddish bronze and coppery, and mature into a dark, shiny green color. The leaves also have purplish pink veins. 

The Philodendron ‘Summer Glory’ is a robust hybrid with smooth, semi-glossy foliage and an upright, arching growth habit. It prefers bright, indirect light and grows towards the sun, so it should be turned regularly. 

The Philodendron ‘Summer Glory’ is relatively free from pests and is durable. It should be watered about once a week in the spring and summer, and should be planted in a well-draining soil mix. Some recommended soil mixtures include orchid bark, coconut coir, peat moss, and perlite

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How to Care :

  • Make sure your plants are getting enough water and sunlight.
  • Recommended Soil Media: 40% Garden Soil 25% cocopeat 25% Organic manure/Vermicompost 5% charcoal chips 5% perlite.
  • Fertilize your plants once a month.
  • Avoid over-watering your plants.
  • Cut off any dead or diseased Leaves.
  • Make Sure Pots Have Drainage Holes.
  • Don’t Repot Immediately after received wait for at least 2-3 Days.


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