Philodendron Brasil ( full pot )

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Home gardeners are partial towards philodendrons, maybe because of their easy nature, beautiful foliage, or the sheer versatility with which they can be used in any space. Now, what is better than a simple philodendron, a variegated one! With its beautiful green and yellow variegations, the philodendron brasil will make space in both your home and heart

Lights, Water, Action

Get your plants ready to slay!

  • Bright Indirect Sunlight


    Bright indirect light

  • Water Once A Week


    Water once a week

  • Indoor

    Where to grow

    Well-lit indoors

  • Average Warmth


    Low maintenace

  • Low Maintenance

    Special feature

    Air purifying

Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:A well balanced fertilizer every fifteen days in its main growing season – summer months, and a rich compost mix potting medium while potting or repotting and its set for a long haul.
Repotting : An easy to maintain plant that you will have to repot once the roots start growing out of the current pot. Choose a pot slightly larger than the older pot when repotting.
Propogation : The easiest family of plants to propagate, the philodendrons can be easily propagated by stem cuttings, air layering, or by offset both in soil and in water.

Common Problems

1. Why are my Philodendron leaves curling?
If your Philodendron isn’t getting enough water, the leaves start curling. It can also happen due to overwatering which will drown the roots.
2. Philodendron leaves are turning yellow and drooping.
Philodendron leaves turning yellow and drooping is a sign of overwatering. Water your plant less frequently to correct this problem.
3. Why are leaves of my Philodendron turning brown?
Leaves of Philodendrons turn brown due to insufficient water. If you are keeping long gaps between watering , start watering it more often.


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