Phalaenopsis orchid ( pink with white )

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Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis Water Requirements
A Dendrobium Phalaenopsis orchid should be watered in the morning using tepid water. The watering schedule for a Den-Phal can greatly depend on the type of pot the orchid is planted in, the temperature, and also the time of year. As a rule of thumb, you will want to water more frequently during the warmer months and less frequently in the cooler months. While the Den-Phal is in active growth the roots and potting medium should be kept moist (water approximately once a week), but can be allowed to dry between watering once it is no longer in active growth.

Phalaenopsis Light Requirements
As covered in this article about orchids care and light, Dendrobium Phalaenopsis orchids thrive with medium light conditions. A great inside location to place your Den-Phal on an eastern facing windowsill. If you have a shaded southern facing windowsill this will also work.

Phalaenopsis Temperature Requirements
As discussed in this orchid plant care article on temperature, the temperature requirements for Den-Phal orchids are daytime temperatures somewhere between 75°F to 85°F (23.8°C to 29.4°C) and night temperatures between 60°F and 65°F (15.6°C to 18.3°C). Den-Phals will do best when there is a 15°F to 20°F (8.3°C to 11.1°C) difference between day and night temperatures. Remember, with higher temperatures you will have to maintain higher humidity conditions, more air movement, as well as more frequent waterings.

Phalaenopsis Humidity Requirements
The ideal humidity range to grow your Dendrobium Phalaenopsis is 50-60% humidity. If you need to increase the humidity around your orchids growing environment you can place the orchid on top of a humidity tray or place a humidifier nearby. Remember to have adequate air movement for your orchids by opening a window and letting in the breeze or by placing an oscillating fan nearby.

Phalaenopsis Fertilizer Requirements
Dendrobium Phalaenopsis’ need to be fertilized regularly when they are in active growth. Fertilizing every two to three weeks during the summer months and once a month in the winter should suffice.

Phalaenopsis Potting Requirements
Den-Phals should be repotted in a medium-grade mix every two years or once the potting medium remains soggy and no longer drains properly. Before repotting, you should always remove all of the old potting medium and trim away the damaged roots with a sterile cutting tool. Den-Phals tend to grow better in smaller size pots where they fit snugly, however, once the canes start to overgrow the pot–it’s time to repot. Den-Phals can be divided once the orchid has bloomed and new growth is starting to show. Each division needs at least three canes/growths per division.

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