Kidney Stone Plant

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Bryophyllum pinnatum is commonly known as Pattharcaṭṭa in Indian traditional systems of medicine which implies its stone breaking property. The leaves of the plant are widely used by tribal and other populations for treatment of stones.

Despite its wide traditional use, the scientific studies are limited to delineate its antilithiatic effect. The present study was undertaken to substantiate the ethnomedicinal use of leaves of Bryophyllum pinnatum in kidney stones and urinary insufficiency in traditional practices. The present investigation showed ameliorative effect of alcoholic and hydro-alcoholic extracts of Bryophyllum pinnatum by preventing EG-induced alterations in body weight, urine and serum biochemical parameters, oxidative stress and histology of kidney.

The decreased body weight in lithiatic control group indicates EG toxicity which caused oxalate deposition in intracellular spaces resulting in metabolic disturbances and cellular injury.] Treatment with AlcE and HAlcE prevented the loss of weight caused by EG.


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