Fittonia green ( Nerve plant )

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The Fittonia will satisfy the inner perfectionist in you. Each leaf of Fittonia Green is perfectly shaped with vivid white veins that run across the dark green leaf, earning it the names Nerve Plant and Silver Net Plant. She’s a temperamental plant, but totally worth the hassle!

  • Light

    Bright indirect sunlight

  • Watering

    Water once a week

  • Where to grow

    Bright indoors

  • Maintenace


  • Special feature

    Air purifying

  • Plant Essentials

    Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Use a 5-5-5 fertiliser diluted to half strength. In winter, fertilise the Fittonia once in 6 weeks and in other seasons you will require to fertilise monthly. Fittonia needs regular watering so make sure that you’re keeping her constantly moist or she’ll express herself by getting limp and sad.
    Repotting : The soil you need to use with Fittonia is the kind that will hold moisture. Use any typical pot or dish that has drainage holes in the bottom. You will need to repot and rearrange the Fittonia annually in early summer.
    Propogation : Fittonia propagates readily through root stem cuttings. Do this at the same time that you are repotting. These cuttings will develop roots in 2-3 weeks under ideal conditions.

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