Anoectochilus roxburghii ‘white gold’ (Jewel orchid)

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Anoectochilus roxburghii ‘White Gold’: A Jewel Orchid with Shimmering Elegance

The Anoectochilus roxburghii ‘White Gold’ is a stunning jewel orchid prized for its captivating foliage and belonging to the terrestrial orchid family. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:


  • The main attraction! They boast a deep green base color adorned with a mesmerizing network of white to light yellow veins.
  • These veins can be thick and prominent or have a more delicate, web-like appearance depending on the specific cultivar.
  • The leaves themselves can be elliptical to oblong in shape.


  • While the foliage takes center stage, the Anoectochilus roxburghii ‘White Gold’ does produce inconspicuous flowers.
  • These flowers typically appear in spikes emerging from the base of the plant and consist of tiny, white to greenish-white blooms.
  • They may offer a subtle fragrance but are not the primary focus of this orchid’s beauty.

Size and Growth Habit:

  • This jewel orchid is considered a small to medium-sized plant, typically reaching heights of 10-20 cm (4-8 inches) at maturity.
  • It has a sympodial growth habit, meaning it grows horizontally with new shoots emerging from the base of older ones, gradually forming a clump over time.


  • Light: Prefers bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves.
  • Temperature: Thrives in warm temperatures between 18-22°C (64-72°F). Avoid drastic temperature fluctuations.
  • Humidity: Enjoys high humidity levels (around 85% or more). You can use a humidifier, pebble tray, or terrarium to achieve this.
  • Watering: Keep the potting mix moist but not soggy. Water when the top inch of the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Soil: Use a well-draining, orchid-specific potting mix or a mixture of perlite, sphagnum moss, and bark chips.


Anoectochilus roxburghii ‘White Gold’ is a captivating jewel orchid that adds a touch of elegance to any indoor space. Its stunning foliage, with its intricate network of white veins, makes it a conversation starter. However, its specific care requirements, particularly the need for high humidity, make it more suitable for experienced plant owners who can provide the ideal environment for it to flourish.

Additional Notes:

  • Propagation can be done through division of the rhizomes, but it’s a more challenging process compared to some other orchids.
  • This variety might be more susceptible to pests like mealybugs or scale insects compared to some other Anoectochilus species. Regular monitoring and proper care can help prevent infestations.

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How to Care :

  • Make sure your plants are getting enough water and sunlight.
  • Recommended Soil Media: 40% Garden Soil 25% cocopeat 25% Organic manure/Vermicompost 5% charcoal chips 5% perlite.
  • Fertilize your plants once a month.
  • Avoid over-watering your plants.
  • Cut off any dead or diseased Leaves.
  • Make Sure Pots Have Drainage Holes.
  • Don’t Repot Immediately after received wait for at least 2-3 Days.


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