Culcasia Mannii

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Plant erect, 30-40 cm, on stilt roots of ca. 30 cm; Stem thick, ┬▒ 1 cm when dried; Internodes 1-4.5 cm.

LEAVES: Petiole 4-7 cm, canaliculate, sheathing to 5-7 mm from apex; Sheath broad where it joins the stem, spreading from the base and narrowing rather abruptly., ending at the apex in 2 ┬▒ rounded auricles; blade 13-21 x 6.5-12.5 cm, subelliptic, assymmetric, broader towards the lower half, subobtuse at the base and slightly decurrent, acute and slightly oblique at apex; primary laterals prominent, 6-13 pairs, arcuate ascending, joined together by equally prominent secondary veins and interspersed by a network of fine and dense veinlets; some long, discontinuous, translucent glandular lines between the primary veins, crossed often by secondary veins.

INFLORESCENCE solitary, terminal; Peduncle shorter than the petiole, 1.5-2.5 cm; Spathe light green, obtuse at apex, opening broadly at maturity; Spadix stipitate, becoming exserted; Male flowers white, Female flowers pink with white, circular, sessile stigmas; Ovary subglobose, bilocular; Ovules camplotropous, axilary.


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