Anthurium Faustomirandae


Original:This is a tough aroid that seems to do well in the ground. The huge leathery leaves of this anthurium can easily grow to 4 ft. One of the most unusual aspects of this anthurium is the sturdiness of a mature leaf. It is so stiff, you’re more likely to crack it than rip it. It’s a wonderfully tough plant. A. faustomirandae is found only in the Mexican state of Chiapas and is found at low elevations, this makes it a great choice for hot climates. New:Flamingo plants are related to the Arum Lily, the leaves are glossy, wax like in appearance and heart shaped. The flowers or spadix are borne on a fleshy stem that comes up from a bract.They do not tolerate direct light, and are usually grown as a houseplant in cooler climes. Many foliage species varieties are epiphytic and grow on branches in tropical rain forests. They are usually grown in the home more for their foliage rather than flowers although some will flower. Anthurium faustomirande is originally from Mexico and has thick giant heart-shaped, leather-like leaves and white veins. It produces green flowers with a maroon spadix.



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