Variegated Cast Iron Plant

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Aspidistra elatior or the Cast Iron Plant belongs to the lily family and is native to China and Japan. Once a very popular houseplant, it was a common feature of many a Victorian hallway. Although its popularity has faded slightly since this period and is now much less common in modern homes.

The fall in popularity however is nothing to do with the plant being complicated or difficult to keep. In fact, because it’s fully capable of dealing with poor light, murky conditions as well as poor air quality, warm or cold temperatures it received its nickname: Cast Iron Plant for its near indestructibility.

Typical height: 50cm
Climate: Prefers tropical or subtropical climates, or warm protected areas in Temperate climates.
Light conditions:  Part shade / Shade
Growth habit: Clumping
Growing conditions: Well drained soil
Origin: Japan and Taiwan

The Cast Iron Plant makes fantastic indoor display pots. Its the sort of plant that will forgive you if you forget to water for a couple of weeks. Best in well lit rooms in the house.

The Aspidistras tend to be fairly slow growing, which is why they tend to be a bit more expensive, but its this same characteristic that makes them such good pot plants or low maintenance ground covers in the garden.

The root systems are fairly large in proportion to the above ground foliage and its this that enables them to compete particularly well in areas were roots from other trees and palms would otherwise be a problem.

The Cast Iron Plant does get a small, somewhat insignificant flower just above the surface of the soil. Its pretty rare for them to flower so even though the flowers are small, its still quite interesting when they eventually do flower. The aspidistra flowers are usually pollinated by slugs, which is why the flowers tend to be at ground level.

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