Philodendron Silver Cloud

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The magnificent Philodendron  is a tropical perennial creeping plant that grows as ground cover and sometimes creeps up trees true to its epiphytic nature.

It has big green heart-shaped leaves with silvery dust markings on leaves as though smeared with fingers. That’s how it has earned the name “Silver Cloud”.

The veins run deep, giving the leaves an almost pleated look. The leaves are less leathery than many other fellow species.

I love the distinct foliage but the real virtue is easy maintenance making Philodendron Cloud care cakewalk even for beginners.

I started to grow Philodendron in a hanging basket in the patio and then moved it to a pot by the living room window when it grew bigger.

Now it has moved to the garden as a landscape ornamental. Like all philodendron species, it has grown pretty big and unrecognizable compared to its small version.

My best recommendation to exploit its striking form and beauty is to grow Philodendron Cloud in a pot as part of your indoor décor

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