Alocasia Lauterbachiana

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If so, Alocasia Lauterbachiana is a great fit as it holds high ornamental value because of its uniquely shaped colorful leaves. Alocasia Lauterbachiana is also commonly known as ‘Elephant Ears’ because of the wavy edges of its leaves.

Yet another common name for this plant is ‘Purple Sword’ because of the purple-colored flowers, the purple-colored veins in the center, and the leaves undersides. 


As with many other Alocasias and many houseplants in general, Alocasia lauterbachiana prefers bright, indirect light.

Make sure that it does not get exposed to direct sunlight, as this will scorch the leaves.

Place your Alocasia lauterbachiana near window facing, If it should get direct sunlight like that, hang a curtain between your plant and your window, so that it only receives LIGHT


Alocasia plants like rich, well-drained soil.

You can mix some high-quality all-purpose potting soil (think some all-purpose mix from Black & Gold or Miracle Gro) with some ingredients that ensure good drainage, such as some fast-draining cactus & succulent mix, coco coir.



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